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Mission Statement

At First, our mission statement is that we are in the heart of the city to love the city with the heart of Christ.  As a faith community, we seek to make disciples, serve our community, and create a space where people can feel the love of God.

In our effort to carry out our mission:

We gather to worship God;
We teach and learn the faith;
We welcome the stranger in our midst with Christian hospitality and seek to involve each in all aspects of our community life;
We provide and share opportunities for growth in Christian love and service as individuals, as families, and as a congregation;

We seek to minister to the special needs of persons inside and outside our congregation.
We commit our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service to carry out this mission.

In humble reliance of the grace of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we strive to fulfill this mission, to the best of our ability, under the authority of Scripture and within the Connectional fellowship of The United Methodist Church.

The Process for Carrying out our Mission

(The Vision) – We make disciples as we proclaim the gospel, seek, welcome and gather persons into the body of Christ; lead persons to commit their lives to God through baptism and profession of faith in Jesus Christ; nurture persons in Christain living through worship, the sacraments, spiritual disciplines, and other means of grace, such as Wesley’s Christain conferencing; send persons into the world to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, feeding the oppressed, and working to develop social structures that are consistent with the gospel; and continue the mission of seeking, welcoming and gathering persons into the community of the body of Christ.



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Filing Deadline is Aug. 31

Media Center

Media Center
New to our website, our Media Center is the place to find links to all our photo galleries, videos and sermons.